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BS EN 12953-2:2002

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Standard BS EN 12953-2:2002
Title Identifier Shell boilers. Materials for pressure parts of boilers and accessories
Status CU
Committee PVE/16
Approximate Price �52.00
ISBN 0 580 39852 8
Pages 14
International Equivalent EN 12953-2:2002
Descriptors Fire-tube boilers, Boilers, Steam boilers, Hot-water boilers, Specification (approval), Materials specification, Steels, Grades (quality), Quality assurance, Pressure equipment, Forgings, Sheet materials, Pipes, Welding electrodes, Filler metal, Acceptance (approval), Performance testing, Technical documents, Marking, Quality assurance systems, Visual inspection (testing), Tensile testing, Bend testing
Cross references 97/23/EC, WI 00121250 Welding consumables. Test methods and quality requirements for conformity evaluation of consumables. Supplementary methods and evaluation, EN 1561, EN 1563, EN 10028-1, EN 10028-2, EN 10028-3, EN 10204:1991, EN 10216-1, EN 10216-2, EN 10217-1, EN 10217-2, EN 10217-5, EN 10222-1, EN 10222-2, EN 10234, EN 10235, EN 12074, EN 12953-5:2002, prEN 13479-1, CR ISO 15608
Replaces BS 2790:1992
Replaces Notes Partially replaces BS 2790:1992.
Replaced By
Replaced by Notes

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