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BS EN 12956:1999

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Standard BS EN 12956:1999
Title Identifier Wallcoverings in roll form. Determination of dimensions, straightness, spongeability and washability
Status CU
Committee CW/35
Approximate Price �52.00
ISBN 0 580 32585 7
Pages 14
International Equivalent EN 12956:1999
Descriptors Interior wall coverings, Wall coverings, Interior walls, Walls, Interior decorating, Rolls, Dimensions, Dimensional measurement, Straightness measurement, Washing, Test equipment, Wear tests, Cleaning, Scrubbing (mechanical), Particle size measurement, Test specimens, Testing conditions, Construction systems parts
Cross references EN 233, EN 235, prEN 259-1, ISO 187, ISO 565, ISO 1923, ISO 2439
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