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BS 245:1976

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Standard BS 245:1976
Title Identifier Specification for mineral solvents (white spirit and related hydrocarbon solvents) for paints and other purposes
Status CU
Committee STI/3
Approximate Price �24.00
ISBN 0 580 09530 4
Pages 8
International Equivalent
Descriptors White spirit, Solvents, Paint thinners, Paints, Samples, Distillation, Chemical composition, Evaporation residue determination, Flash point, Colour tests, Viscosity measurement, Testing conditions, Trading standards, TSS
Cross references BS 188, BS 612, BS 3900:Part A8, BS 4348, BS 4349, BS 4351, BS 4708, BS 4712, BS 4715, BS 4726, ISO 1250
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