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BS EN 130100:1998

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Standard BS EN 130100:1998
Title Identifier Harmonized system of quality assessment for electronic components. Sectional specification: fixed polyethylene-terephthalate film dielectric metal foil capacitors for direct current
Status CU
Committee EPL/86
Approximate Price �106.00
ISBN 0 580 29115 4
Pages 40
International Equivalent EN 130100:1997
Descriptors Electronic equipment and components, Electrical components, Fixed capacitors, Capacitors, Polyethylene terephthalate, Polyesters, Dielectric materials, Metals, Films (states of matter), Foil, Direct current, Electrodes, Quality assurance systems, Specification (approval), Detail specification, Dimensions, Rated voltage, Marking, Climatic hazards, Electrical tolerances, Quality control, Statistical quality control, Qualification approval, Test specimens, Conformity, Approval testing, Sampling methods, Inspection, Electrical insulation, Resistance measurement, Electrical resistance, Electrical testing, Testing conditions, Error correction, Solderability testing, Thermal-shock tests, Vibration testing, Endurance testing, Impact testing, Damp-heat tests, Low-pressure tests, Performance
Cross references ISO 3:1973, IEC 60062:1974, IEC 60063:1963, IEC 60063/Amd 1:1967, IEC 60063/Amd 2:1977, IEC 60068, EN 130000:1993, EN 130000/A1, EN 130000/A2, EN 130000/A3, EN 130000/A4, EN 130000/A5, EN 130000/A6, EN 130000/A7, EN 130000/A8, EN 130000/A9, EN 130000/A10, IEC 60410:1973
Replaces BS CECC 30100:1986
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