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BS EN 1302:1999

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Standard BS EN 1302:1999
Title Identifier Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Aluminium-based coagulants. Analytical methods
Status CU
Committee CII/59
Approximate Price �120.00
ISBN 0 580 32747 7
Pages 46
International Equivalent EN 1302:1999
Descriptors Water treatment, Water, Quality, Potable water, Water supply engineering, Aluminium, Coagulants, Chemical analysis and testing, Determination of content, Purity, Reproducibility, EDTA, Volumetric analysis, Complexometric titrations, Complexing methods, Test equipment, Test specimens, Specimen preparation, Testing conditions, Calibration, Iron, Sodium, Atomic absorption spectrophotometry, Calcium, Potentiometric methods, Chlorides, Sulfates, Gravimetric analysis, Silicates, Spectroscopy, Acidity, Basicity, pH measurement, Insoluble matter determination, Emission spectrophotometry, Cadmium, Chromium, Nickel, Lead, Toxic materials, Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony, Mercury
Cross references ISO 5790:1979, EN 878, EN 881, EN 882, EN 883, prEN 885, prEN 886, prEN 887, prEN 935, EN ISO 3696, ISO 5666-1:1983, ISO 5725-2, ISO 6206:1979, ISO 6227:1982, ISO 6382:1981
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