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BS EN 13032-1:2004

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Standard BS EN 13032-1:2004
Title Identifier Light and lighting. Measurement and presentation of photometric data of lamps and luminaires. Measurement and file format
Status CU
Committee CPL/34/5
Approximate Price �140.00
ISBN 0 580 44402 3
Pages 74
International Equivalent EN 13032-1:2004
Descriptors Lighting systems, Lighting equipment, Lamps, Luminaires, Photometry (light measurement), Lighting levels, Optical measurement, Data transfer, Data transmission, Data processing, Data representation, Laboratory testing, Photometers, Testing conditions
Cross references EN 12665:2002, ISO 9660, CIE 69:1987, CIE 70:1987, CIE 84:1989, CIE 102:1993, CIE 121:1996, IEC/TS 61231
Replaces BS 354:1995 BS 5225-1:1975 BS 667:1996 BS 7920:1998
Replaces Notes Replaces BS 5225-1:1975 which remains current and BS 354:1995, BS 667:1996 and BS 7920:1998 which are withdrawn.
Replaced By
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