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BS EN 13032-2:2004

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Standard BS EN 13032-2:2004
Title Identifier Light and lighting. Measurement and presentation of photometric data of lamps and luminaires. Presentation of data for indoor and outdoor work places
Status CU
Committee CPL/34/10
Approximate Price �64.00
ISBN 0 580 46119 X
Pages 22
International Equivalent EN 13032-2:2004
Descriptors Lighting systems, Lighting equipment, Lamps, Luminaires, Photometry (light measurement), Lighting levels, Optical measurement, Data, Environment (working), Working conditions (physical), Verification, Conformity, Mathematical calculations
Cross references prEN 12464-2, EN 12665:2002, CIE 117:1995, EN 12464-1, EN 13032-1, EN 50285, CIE 40:1978, CIE 52:1982, CIE 97:1992, CIE 112:1994, CIE 129:1998, CIE 154:2003, 92/75/EEC, 98/11/EC, IEC 60050-845:1987
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