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BS EN 13052-1:2001

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Standard BS EN 13052-1:2001
Title Identifier Influence of materials on water intended for human consumption. Organic materials. Determination of colour and turbidity of water in piping systems. Test method
Status CU
Committee EH/6
Approximate Price �92.00
ISBN 0 580 38396 2
Pages 24
International Equivalent EN 13052-1:2001
Descriptors Water, Quality, Potable water, Pipework systems, Water testing, Colour tests, Optical properties of materials, Turbidity, Organic matter determination, Chemical analysis and testing, Coatings, Joints, Disinfectants
Cross references EN ISO 7887:1994, EN ISO 7027:1999, EN ISO 7393-2:2000, ISO 7393-2:1985, ISO 7027:1999, ISO 7887:1994
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