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BS EN 13068-2:2000

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Standard BS EN 13068-2:2000
Title Identifier Non-destructive testing. Radioscopic testing. Check of long term stability of imaging devices
Status CU
Committee WEE/46
Approximate Price �52.00
ISBN 0 580 35678 7
Pages 12
International Equivalent EN 13068-2:1999
Descriptors Non-destructive testing, Radiographic testing, Radiography, Photographic images, Quality, Image intensifiers, Display devices (computers), Quality control, Performance testing, Electrical wave measurement, Stability, Homogeneity, Image distortion, Defects, Resolution, Sensitivity, Optical properties of materials, X-ray apparatus, Gamma-ray apparatus
Cross references EN 13068-1:1999, EN 462-1, EN 462-2, EN 462-5
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