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BS EN 1307:1997

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Standard BS EN 1307:1997
Title Identifier Textile floor coverings. Classification of pile carpets
Status CU
Committee TCI/3
Approximate Price �64.00
ISBN 0 580 27655 4
Pages 22
International Equivalent EN 1307:1997
Descriptors Textile floor coverings, Carpets, Carpet tiles, Flooring tiles, Floor coverings, Classification systems, Grades (quality), Performance, Thickness, Colour fastness, Wear resistance, Durability, Tex, Density, Mass, Pile fabrics, Electrostatics, Electrical resistance, Electrical properties of materials, Dimensional tolerances, Dimensional changes, Textile testing, Visual inspection (testing), Fungus proofing, Ratings, Mathematical calculations, Wool fibres, Synthetic fibres, Trading standards, TSS
Cross references BS 2750:Part 8, BS 4051, BS 5557, BS 5821:Part 2, BS EN ISO 105-A01, BS EN ISO 105-E01, BS EN ISO 105-X12, BS EN ISO 845, BS EN 434, BS EN 984, BS EN 985, BS EN 986, BS EN 994, BS EN 995, BS EN 1318, BS EN 1471, BS EN 20354, prEN 1813, prEN 1814, prEN 1815, prEN 1963, ISO 105-B02, ISO 1763, ISO 1766, ISO 2551, ISO 3018, ISO 8302, ISO 8543, ISO/TR 10361, ISO/DIS 10965
Replaces BS 7131:Part 1:1989
Replaces Notes
Replaced By
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